• - Cinnaholic wax melts

    "Oh wow, they look so real!"

    - Customer Review

  • -Vanilla Buttercream Crunch Cupcake

    "It smells great even when it's not lit"

    -Customer Review

  • -Strawberry Cheesecake

    "So well made, the packaging is so beautiful,The fragrance smells so good!"

    -Customer Review

About Us

Hitchcock Candles and Company was founded by Masiana Geter (Gaither). The name was originated from the last name of her grandmother Inez and Her Mother Bernita Hitchcock.

This business was created to have more intresting and unique candles in the candle industry and to promote the benefits of vegan candles. We use coconut soy wax to provide a healthier clean burning candles.

5% of our monthly proceeds will be donated to alz.org to help find a cure for alzheimer's.

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